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10 Question Interview with designer Mari Relander

Today, Helsinki based designer, interior architect & entrepreneur Mari Relander answers the 10 Questions  woont Interview…


10 questions with designer Angela Jansen (Crealev / Floating Lamps)

Q1: How would you describe yourself?
A conceptual designer, I studied Design Academy Eindhoven, Communication. From origin I’m a graphic designer, so all my products arise from a graphical point of view. I love collaboration, so mostly design something with someone from other disciplines. Like Ger Jansen on these lamps, a Mechatronic Expert! All my designs are simple and play with iconic forms / ideas. I try to make an interesting twist with what we know.


10 Questions with designer Ricardo Silva

Q1: How would you describe yourself?
Since my early days, I always felt inspired by everything around me, whether it’s in nature, buildings or simple products. So I guess, I describe myself as an open minded person, always ready for new challenges. I’ve travelled a lot, and in those travels I always take with me a piece of every place I go. It’s very important for me to connect with everything I do, and, for me, this is the basis for having a good and successful life. (weiterlesen…)

10 Questions with Steven Tiller (Reclamation Art + Furniture)

Interview with Steven Tiller (Reclamation Art +Furniture)

1. How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as someone with a passion for creativity, I am always pleased to see people, both strangers and friends, doing what they love. They tend to walk, talk & carry themselves different than your average Joe. Building, making & creating is that ‘love’ for me…
I see the finished product hiding inside piles of raw material long before the first saw tooth touches board or before the welder ever starts to hum. I believe good design is smart, simple and functional. (weiterlesen…)