10 questions with designer Angela Jansen (Crealev / Floating Lamps)

Q1: How would you describe yourself?
A conceptual designer, I studied Design Academy Eindhoven, Communication. From origin I’m a graphic designer, so all my products arise from a graphical point of view. I love collaboration, so mostly design something with someone from other disciplines. Like Ger Jansen on these lamps, a Mechatronic Expert! All my designs are simple and play with iconic forms / ideas. I try to make an interesting twist with what we know.

Q2: What was decisive for you to become a designer?

Q3: How would you characterize the design of your objects?
Interesting collaborations between a (Graphic) conceptual designer and a great creative techie (inventor).

Q4: What is the essence of perfect furniture design for you?
An Iconic character, with something referring to the past and future, a timeless piece

Q5: What is your personal favourite piece of furniture? Why?

Clocks. Analog Clocks. One of the

most simple machines visualizing / defying time. A true artifact, because we don’t really need them any more.

Q6: Who is your favourite designer?
Dirk van der Krooij at the moment

Q7: What motivates you to get up in the morning?
Making / Creating Things and Ideas with others.

Q8: What are your sources of inspiration?
All the technology surrounding me at Crealev, which I estheticly love. And Flee Market treasures.

Q9: Where can we get more information about you? (web / blog / facebook / twitter…)?
Not very up to date but : www.angela.nu

Q10: What would you do today if you wouldn´t have become a designer?
Inventor! Like my Dad

Thank you Angela for sharing your thoughts with us!

Further information:

Crealev Designstudio
Eclipse Lamp
Silhuette Lamp

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