10 Question Interview with designer Mari Relander

Today, Helsinki based designer, interior architect & entrepreneur Mari Relander answers the 10 Questions  woont Interview…

Q1: How would you describe yourself?
I am fun loving girly girl, with a serious heart.

Q2: What was decisive for you to become a designer?
I never planned to become a designer, all my plans where connected to horticulture. So I would say it was pure luck, as the push to change my major came from one of my teachers. I listened, took the advise, and, here I am.

Q3: How would you characterize the design of your objects?

Q4: What is the essence of perfect furniture design for you?
Making sense of the nonsense

Q5: What is your personal favourite piece of furniture? Why?
Favorite things are connected to memories and shared moments. Therefor my pick is the Toad Lounge Chair designed by Ekstrand &  Norman 1968 (1).
When I was a kid, me and the two brothers used to sit in the Toad and watch tv. It was ours - “the kids chair”. Now, as it sits in my living I look at the chair and think “how did we fit all three in it”.

Q6: Who is your favourite designer?
I admire *all the women*, cross-disciplinary, who have made their voice heard.

Q7: What motivates you to get up in the morning?
I get to spend my days with a bunch of really nice people. And fundamentally, that is the core. I am motivated by *the what* and by *the whom*.

Q8: What are your sources of inspiration?
Anything that blossoms whether it is people or flowers. Inspiration is *everywhere* and I try to keep my heart and mind open for all kind of possibilities.

Q9: Where can we get more information about you? (web / blog / facebook / twitter…)?

Q10: What would you do today if you wouldn´t have become a designer?

Living a quiet life as a florist, listening to my shop´s radio all day long.

Notes: (1) The Formula/Toad Lounge Chair by Ruud Ekstrand & Christer Norman was produced by furniture manufacturer DUX under the name FORMULA from 1968 onwards, whereas today it is produced by [David design] under the name TOAD since 2002.

Quellen & Credts:  Mari Relander - [David design] - Ruud Ekstrand

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