10 Questions with designer Ricardo Silva

Q1: How would you describe yourself?
Since my early days, I always felt inspired by everything around me, whether it’s in nature, buildings or simple products. So I guess, I describe myself as an open minded person, always ready for new challenges. I’ve travelled a lot, and in those travels I always take with me a piece of every place I go. It’s very important for me to connect with everything I do, and, for me, this is the basis for having a good and successful life.

Q2: What was decisive for you to become a designer?
My parents used to say that I could never just “be”. I was always destroying things, because I had a strange curiosity about how things worked and were conceived. In a way, I think I was checking for imperfections, and how they could be solved. I remember one time, maybe 15 years ago, while trying to open a milk carton, I got nervous because the packaging was not very well conceived and it was very hard to open it without any help. From that moment on, I made up my mind: I wanted to do something that could help improving life quality.

Q3: How would you characterize the design of your objects?
Design is the tool that allows to overcome the limitations of creativity; is where science and art break even. I always try to develop authentic pieces of art, connecting functionality and desirability, mixing the “old” with something new and exciting because, for me, perfection is achieved with the details.

Q4: What is the essence of perfect furniture design for you?
“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” By Joe Sparano First of all, you have to be authentic and know yourself better than anyone else in order to achieve everything you want to. When you are able to mask yourself into a piece of furniture for any company, you’ll make it perfect and true. Secondly, I think transparency is another “key word” to achieve perfect pieces of furniture. Regardless of the concept of any company, the most amazing furniture pieces are the ones who speak for themselves. I believe that I can only conceive something if I’m totally transparent and open, so that the final result would have these same characteristics, allowing the company concept to come alive. Finally, and maybe the most important aspect, is passion. Passion for design, detail, creativity, problem solving, materials, quality, art and trends allow me to move forward despite all the odds.

Q5: What is your personal favourite piece of furniture? Why?
There are two pieces of furniture by UNDA that I really love. The first one is the LOTUS desk, because of the combination between two styles; its eclecticism makes me dream of two completely different worlds joining together with a great harmony. The other one is the LUSITANO Chiffonier because it shows the true, genuine and rare Portuguese soul; a soul that that conquers everything making the impossible, possible.

Q6: Who is your favourite designer?
Daniel Simon, creator of Cosmic Motors. He has magnificent master pieces that played a great role in my inspiration world and Design Thinking. Another great aspect of Daniel Simon is his creations for movies like TRON or Captain America; this is a path that I wouldn´t mind taking with my pieces for UNDA|Sleepless Design, company in which I’m the Head Designer and 3D Modeller.

Q7: What motivates you to get up in the morning?
“Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.” This quote is featured in the “Dead Poets Society” movie, one of the most inspiring movies of all time. I get up in the morning to live, love, share and be the best at what I do neither for money nor recognition, but to feel alive, contribute and feel extraordinary.

Q8: What are your sources of inspiration?
Classic, Folk and Medieval music always played an important role in my life and it’s stuck with me through thick and thin. The same happens with movies; cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world and I consider myself a “quiet vampire”: I just take what I need from the movie, without anyone realizing it.

Q9: Where can we get more information about you? (web / blog / facebook / twitter…)?

Q10: What would you do today if you wouldn´t have become a designer?
To be a Designer. I can´t imagine being anything else because I truly feel this is my calling.

woont.com: Thank you very much Ricardo!

Credits: Designer Ricardo Silva

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