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BestLite by Gubi

BL 10

by Robert Dudley Best

Lights & Lamps, Wall Lamps

in 1932, the well-known Architect’s Journal proclaimed Bestlite to be the first example of a Bauhaus-inspired product in the uk. the article was immensely important for Bestlite and robert dudley Best, who started receiving enquiries from professionals with special requirements.

in addition to being known as the home town of the lamp manufacturer Best & Lloyd, Birmingham was also famous for its thriving diamond business.

one day, when Best was walking through the city, a diamond cutter invited him in to see his premises. the diamond cutter showed Best his workshop and the simple cutting techniques he employed to shape the valuable stones.

during the visit, the diamond cutter asked Best whether he could design a Bestlite to fulfil the lighting requirements in his workshop. Best immediately started drawing, and his loyal employees took the final designs and made a prototype. the diamond cutter was then invited
to the factory to inspect the result and, liking what he saw, ordered eleven on the spot.

soon, word got round in the diamond-cutting district that Best had created a lamp specifically for their craft, and soon several other diamond cutters wanted to fit out their workshops with this functional work light. the diamond-cutter’s lamp was named the BL10.

BL10 has been produced continuously since the end of the 1930s, butonly to order. however, the BL10 is now being included in Bestlite’s permanent collection.

Chrome/matt black
Chrome/glossy white

Length of arm 50cm
Length of extension arm 50 cm
Diameter bracket 7 cm (USA bracket 4,5 inches)

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