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Hans Sandgren Jakobsen


Hans Sandgren Jakobsen belongs to a younger generation of industrial designers who, by virtue of their talent and craftsmanship, have managed to renew the interpretation of lighting. The ability to join functionality with a minimalistic completeness of form is one of his trademarks. A study trip to the USA gave him a decisive inspiration in the unique Shaker tradition. This tradition has laid the groundwork for the expressive, perfectionist design that characterizes his work.

It was a personal challenge for Hans Sandgren Jakobsen to design his lamp series for Lightyears. The challenge was to learn about the role of design in the expression of light. As we know, light gives life to space and furniture. Accordingly, it has been his goal to create an aesthetic experience in viewing the lamps and utilizing the light they exude. He accomplishes this by limiting the number of details so the overall design stands out. His universe is called “Elements,” since several elements of matter are able to emit light. The name “Elements” is also culturally unambiguous and universally understood.

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”Design should be not just beautiful. It should also be used for something”

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen


Faergevej 3

Phone:   +45. (0)86. 320048
Web:   www.hans-sandgren-jakobsen.com
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