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Robert Dudley Best


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Robert Dudley Best (1892-1984) was born as heir to the world’s biggest lighting manufacturer Best & Lloyd in Birmingham, which his grandfather founded in 1840.

In 1928-29, Robert Dudley Best was studying industrial and interior design at the universities in Düsseldorf and Paris. the young student was fascinated by the Bauhaus movement’s lean design and revolutionary demands for a new era free from superfluous decoration. It was in this spirit that robert dudley Best designed the Bestlite lamps.

When robert dudley Best returned to Birmingham after his studies abroad, his suitcases were packed with designs for a new lamp. however, his father took some convincing, as he was very careful about which lamps carried the Best & Lloyd name given the company’s select list of customers: the titanic, the orient express, downing street as well as being purveyors to the British royal family.

In 1930, Robert Dudley Best finally persuaded his father to start producing the Bestlite lamp. It immediately proved popular, but it was not the usual customers who were delighted with the lamp’s design and functionality, rather numerous studios and workshops. In 1932, the
prominent architectural magazine, Architect’s Journal, proclaimed Bestlite to be the uk’s first example of a Bauhaus-inspired product. The article caught the attention of the uk’s architectural community, and the path to success was laid.

In 2004, Robert Dudley Best’s son, John Best, sold the production and sales rights to the danish design company GUBI, putting a new family in charge of Bestlite’s development.

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Robert Dudley Best


United Kingdom