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Swedese Möbler AB was founded in 1945. It’s a classic Swedish furniture manufacturer with a strong anchor in both the domestic and public domain. In 1956, the architect and Swedese founder Yngve Ekström, designed the Lamino armchair, which has become quite a symbol for the trademark. As designers such as Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm and Bruno Mathsson, Yngve Ekström was at the core of a generation of designers who made the concept “Scandinavian Modern” world wide famous.

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Swedese’s ideals have been the same for the past 65 years – to create beautiful furniture for the future. Together with forward-looking designers who share in the timeless ideals of architecture. Our carpenters in our own factories in southern Sweden are, as always, developing new and smart techniques. We work constantly looking for new eco-friendly materials and production processes – especially considered when developing new models for the Swedese collection. With sublime and long-lasting design, produced by skilful craftsmen and using high quality materials, we create furniture that will last a lifetime. Or longer.

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