by Dirk Wermuth
on April 14, 2014

Puzzle Board by RON

Fun kitchen board in a novelty design

We all experience that moment, when you've spent hours in the kitchen preparing a plethora of culinary delights for your dinner party, only to find you've got nothing special to serve your food on. Everyone wants to make that little extra effort when cooking for guests and having an attractive serving board can really add some conversation to the evening. Impressing friends can easily be achieved, especially with the Puzzle Board by RON, an attractive and versatile kitchen accessory.

The unique shape of the Puzzle Board is certainly one of its most alluring features. With smooth curves and strong, contemporary lines, this kitchen board has been crafted to mimic an oversized version of a puzzle piece. It's a versatile board that has many potential uses, from chopping vegetables to serving party food to guests. The novelty design is produced from natural beechwood by the Turkish furniture manufacturer RON (Republic of Narcist), a specialist in contemporary home furniture and innovative designs.

With its contemporary form and beautiful natural wood finish, this Puzzle Board is certainly an attractive accessory for any kitchen or dining room, particularly for anyone who loves novelty items. Why choose a standard chopping board when you can have something that's fun as well as functional? Unlike most kitchen accessories, the Puzzle Board has been cleverly designed to be multi-functional, being suitable both as a chopping board and as a serving plate. Use it as a serving plate and it will quickly become the talking point of the party. Not only that, but it actually makes serving more convenient, by allowing you to balance a wineglass in the cut out hole, thus leaving your other hand free. You can even expand your kitchen workspace by adding additional Puzzle Boards, as each board seamlessly interlocks with its neighbour just like a real puzzle! This makes it a particularly convenient place for chopping long vegetables or bread.

If you love novelty accessories with a strong, contemporary design, then the Puzzle Board is a must. It's a stylish kitchen feature that once you own, you'll never want to replace.

Credits: RON - OOOMS


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