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Description of Capitello

What  happens  if  a  Majestic  Greek  column falls down and breaks into several pieces? The answer is obvious: it is transformed into a Gufram   lounge.   The   remains   are   in   factcontemporary  archaeological  finds,  that  givelife  to  a  modular  system  of  seats  —  ofneoclassical  taste  and  Pop  attitude  —  thatcan exist as single elements or be combinedone    with    the    other.   

This    architecturalarchetype,  produced in polyurethane,becomes  in  this  way  a  series  of  objects  ofindustrial  design  of  smooth  texture  and  cosyergonomics.  The  Ionic  volute,  which  is  theupper  part  of  the  column  and  was  not  bychance called Capitello, becomes a luxuriouschaise  longue.  The  transversal  section  iscalled  Attica,  and  is  the  cheeky  seat  with  adotted  black  and  white  cushion.  The  sectionat  the  base,  of  cylindrical  tapered  shape,  isthe  table  Attica  TL,  with  a  bifacial  glasssurface, opaque on one side and mirror shinyon  the  other.  If  then,  in  an  attempt  towardsauto   ironic   auto-celebration,   you   wish   toshowcase an archaeological find of design inyour home, you can stack them back one onthe  other  and  in  this  way  recompose  the entire  Column  in  its  monumental  and  playful daring.  

CAPITELLO - Studio 65, 1972
Armchair in the form of an Ionic capital, made of cold- moulded differentiated-density polyurethane foam. Surface treated with washable Guflac® paint.  

Usage: indoor
Colour: white
Dimensions: 110 x 120 x 82 cm
Weight: 21 Kg
Limited edition: 500 pieces

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Details of Capitello


Number of Users
for 1 Person
Main material
Polyurethane (PU)
with Column Base
with Elbowrests
without Back Padding
Seating Surface
without Upholstery
Other Attributes
extraordinary Stuff, only available from one Manufacturer
Construction Form
wide, fat, extensive
Construction Type
free-standing, connectable
difficult to move
Mounting Type
assembled on Delivery
Year of first presentation
Year of design
Start of production
Limited Edition

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