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History of 888Design

Design for living

Fırat Metal was founded by Deniz Kadiroğlu in 1998 in an attempt to manufacture stainless steel decoration utilities for shopping stores, malls, hotels and offices. Thanks to it's strong background and infrastructure, Fırat Metal exhibited permanent development and progress throughout the past 10 years by expanding it' s product portfolio in a continuous and dynamic manner.

Strongest references are the decorations manufactured under Firat Metal licence for the well-known brands' showrooms, especially for the textile sector. As a consequence of the above and in line with the decision made in 2007, the brand "888design" was established, which in turn was indicated as a brand possessing the best breakthrough in the category of design furniture by the Wallpapaer magazine.

888design are recognized with
• "Elle Deco International Design Awards" in 2008, as the winner in the furniture category ,
• Five 'Good Design ' awards in "Design Turkey Industrial Production Competition" in 2010, in the home furniture category,
thanks to it's firm perception of quality and the designers.
Starting from this point, 888design carries the consciousness and responsibility of being a "brand" in the sector by spreading it's synergy.

© 888Design

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Philosophy of 888Design


A 21th century brand: Designs and collections for home and living culture redefined in the new century

A new style for ever-changing home and living culture

888design: A city style… For the ones not only living in a city but for theones living in a exurbia also.

888 DESIGN: Koleksiyon markası… Sonbahar / Kış, İlkbahar / Yaz her sezon genişleyen koleksiyonu ile hareketli 21. Yüzyıl insanına esnek, rahat, çarpıcı tasarımlar,

888design: A collection brand… Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer each season with an expanding collection and flexiable, comfortable and impressive designs for the 21 th century people.

Durability… Innovative products, composed of technology and skill, intelligent furnitures.

888design: A new prospect in design area

Fashion style in home furniture: Following the fashion world and current events.

Not just professional but also planned, impressive and illimitable…

© 888Design

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