Horm 1989 Srl.

  • Via San Giuseppe 25
  • 33082
  • Azzano Decimo
  • Italy

History of HORM

Master ebony-workers, experts in finishing wood in the most diverse and exalting ways, put their skill and professionalism at the service of architects and designers, becoming the ideal partners for transforming designs into reality. Ancient skills and modern technology combine with artistic creativity to construct HORM design products, in which sculptured wood coexists with invisible mechanisms to offer a natural yet modern article.

The search for perfection in form, choice of materials and production technology allows us to create a unique and exclusive product. The living environment is HORM’s highest expression, and all the objects within it are alive and lived-in.

HORM is an attentive interpreter of the new interior design culture, which sees furnishings come alive to create a warm and welcoming style that is strong yet not invasive, personalizing your surroundings: just let the fascination take hold.

With its furniture and accessories, HORM offers the discerning customers a lifestyle that is at once essential yet characteristic, spontaneous yet refined, and always attentive to details.

In ancient Aramaic, the word HORM means “sacred enclosure with the right to asylum”.

This enclosure is a gathering place for masters of contemporary architecture (Toyo Ito, Steven Holl, Mario Botta, Mario Bellini), internationally renowned designers (Karim Rashid), along with young artists (Sebastian Errazuriz) and innovative designers who combine the experience of HORM craftsmen with their own work to contribute to the development of elegant and surprising furnishings characterized by the use of “discreet technology” to improve and enhance the quality of products, valorizing their design.


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