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Furniture by ZEITRAUM

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History of ZEITRAUM

The contrast couldn't have been greater: shrill sofas, chairs with bare metal backs, cool plastic refrigerators - the designerhall challenged the public with off-beat experiments. And then, somewhere in the middle, this simple stand of barely 12 square meters - nothing but a oiled beech - no colour, no varnish, no extras.

"Most people just stared unbelievingly and thought we'd made a terrible mistake". Birgit Gämmerler looks back to her first show at the international furniture fair in Cologne in 1991. "At that time solid wood furniture was considered about as sexy as a table, a cupboard, a chair and one spotlight. The material - woollen blanket". A love of wood led Birgit Gämmerler to establish the ZEITRAUM company. This was in the year 1990. Birgit, who had studied industrial design, wanted to honour wood as a living material with her clear minimalistic designs, and create furniture that was well thought out and ecological but still sensual. Endless discussions followed about life and the environment, and about what sort of furnishings might have a future in our world.

© Zeitraum GmbH

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Philosophy of ZEITRAUM

Plain and simple is good and precious - Each piece of Zeitraum furniture is unique. The timber for each piece is individually selected and combined making it unique in terms of colour and grain. We use only hardwoods - currently beech, oak, maple, cherry and walnut. Our furniture is attractive because it is of good quality not because of designer frills. It impresses without dominating - exciting in its simplicity.

© Zeitraum GmbH

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