Franz Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten GmbH

  • Ob Marktstraße 31
  • 3492
  • Etsdorf / Kamp
  • Austria

Furniture by Wittmann

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History of Wittmann

Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

Austrian furniture producer Wittmann employs 130 people at its workshops in Etsdorf, Lower
Austria. Exports account for an impressive 67 percent of production, and Wittmann furniture
is on sale in more than 50 countries. Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland
and the USA are major export markets for the firm.

Ever since 1896, when Franz Wittmann founded a saddlery in Etsdorf, quality consciousness
and craftsmanship have been central to the company’s culture. Furniture production started
in the 1950s, in cooperation with well-known architects including Johannes Spalt. Today
Wittmann works with world-famous furniture designers such as Jan Armgardt, Adolf
Krischanitz, Paolo Piva, Polka (Monica Singer and Marie Rahm), Soda Designers (Nada
Nasrallah and Christian Horner) and Matteo Thun. And the firm remains true to its philosophy
of manufacturing furniture that lasts a lifetime thanks its fine craftsmanship and timeless design.

Wittmann is also committed to reinterpreting furniture by the great Austrian architects and designers Josef Hoffmann (1870–1956) and Friedrich Kiesler (1890–1965), whose work has
lost none of its relevance today.

The Wittmann workshop visits programme

Since several years, Wittmann offers clients the possibility to attend the completion of their
upholstered furniture. An offer that is not only accepted frequently but also with enthusiasm.
Visitors of the Wittmann workshops will be acquainted with the traditional craftsmanship in a
very personal way. Where else does one get to meet the persons who manufacture a
product. No one who appreciates fine workmanship can fail to be fascinated by the traditional
methods at the workshops. The opportunity to discover all the interesting details about your
chosen item on the spot – including the reasons for the exceptional comfort and longevity –
makes a genuine Wittmann a real unique piece of furniture.

© Wittmann

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