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  • Dirk Wermuth Am 29.04.2014

    Dear Svenja. We gave woont a little re-design & now I would like to know your opinion about the changes. Do you like it? With best regards to Sweden - Dirk

  • Svenja Am 11.03.2014

    Hi Dirk. Thank you for the advice! I will try my best to do so. It is interesting here & woont is really special. I like it!!! With warm regards SvE

  • Dirk Wermuth Am 09.03.2014

    Welcome to our new design- & interior community Svenja! Nice to have you here & I have to say that your first rooms are really gorgeous! Love them all! In the third step of the uploading-process you can tagg furniture & decoration objects by brandname und name and so pass further your knowledge of furnishing and design to all others. Would you do this for us? With best regards from sunny Munich to lovely Sweden - Dirk

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