Light / Lamp // Lighting Object

Description of IceFalls

Nature has always been the greatest source of inspiration for artists around the world. As a harmonious embodiment of beauty and efficiency and as an absolute ideal, it dwells at the top of the scale for human rates of perfection.

It is no coincidence that man has always paid attention to the forces of nature and adored them more than anything else. This is true of days gone by and still today. Nature has the ability to captivate, and Icefalls created by Lasvit designer Jitka Kamencová-Skuhravá further proves this. Jitka Kamencová-Skuhravá is well known for her nature-inspired designs that have won her recognition and success all over the world.

The dynamic lighting composition that is Icefalls is a delicate balance between applied art and sculpture and a palpable reference to nature. The inspiration of the harsh winters experienced in the north of Europe, along with advanced learning from Scandinavian design, are more than obvious.

It is possible to feel the transparent beauty derived from the distinctive shapes of icicles and frozen wild mountain stream waterfalls in the individual hand-blown glass details. Seen from afar the light enchants with its classic silhouette, typical of chandeliers seen in European castles or mansions. In this sculpture, the light not only represents purpose, but it also brings a new dimension in the conceptual sense of the word.

The whole composition is enhanced with the sparkling eff ect of sunrays on the ice and the individual approach of the Czech glass masters ensures that each piece is as uniquely original as
a snowfl ake.

© Lasvit


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