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History of MOBI

Founded in 1983 in Bursa, Turkey, Mobi is a manufacturer of high quality contemporary design furniture. The company's founder, A. Raşit Karaaslan. is also the designer of its entire collection.

Mobi's products, with their superior quality and exceptional design, are sold all over the world for more than 15 years. Mobi manufactures its furniture in a system that blends traditional craftsmanship and adcanced technology.
This system of production allows for customization while guuaranteeing the perfection in quality.
Each piece of furniture is individually crafted by artisans who have devoted themselves to a tradition of excellence.

The designs of Mobi have a timeless easthetic appeal. The use of rounded forms within a contemporary approach has become furniture that Mobu produces for more than a quarter of a century.

The company combines different meterials such as solid wood., veneer, leather and metal in its products.
A wide selection of finishes enables each piece of Mobi furniture to be crafted to become personalized and unique.


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