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History of FOUNDRY

Welcome to the world of FOUNDRY.

I started the furniture manufacturing company Urban Foundry in 2003 with the intention to bring high quality, versatile contemporary furniture to Singapore. We began by producing furniture designed by our in-house design team and subsequently collaborated with Singapore-based architects Han Kiang Siew and Lui Honfay to develop new projects. Having achieved the goals we set for ourselves over the initial six years, I felt it was time to set our sights higher and expand our distribution beyond Singapore. I wanted to develop a new collection based on an entirely different concept. This was the beginning of Foundry.

Singapore has historically been a gateway between the world and Southeast Asia from the days it began as a trading port for the East India Company about two centuries ago to present, where it has risen to become a major transportation and nancial hub of Southeast Asia. Beneath its ultra-modern and white-washed facade, traditions and old practices still abound if one only knew where to look.

Remembering our roots sets the premise behind the evolution of the company, to become a bridge between the world of contemporary design and East Asian craftsmanship. I am a supporter of understated elegance and pared-down simplicity. I also believe in the unwavering devotion to detail and I wanted to work with people who share this philosophy. This led to a conversation with the members of Outofstock in 2009, and subsequently, more designers were added to the fold. With products envisioned by design talents across the globe, made into reality by the nest craftsmen from Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia, we invite you into the world of Foundry.


Philosophy of FOUNDRY

The classics of tomorrow.

We believe that luxury is dened by the solace and intuitive harmony that a piece of furniture offers.

This is grounded in craftsmanship and materials chosen for their longevity in quality.

Marrying time-honored skills of East Asian artisans and the vision of global design talents, our furniture are crafted with meticulous pride, so that each is a lifelong companion with a character and soul. It is our intention that each piece from the collection can be passed on to our children, to be current even in the context of tomorrow.

Introducing FOUNDRY.


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